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At EquitySim we are looking to identify the tremendous trading talent and potential that are hidden around the world

At EquitySim we are looking to identify the tremendous trading talent and potential that are hidden around the world. Firms do not have the resources to properly screen through all available candidates and have become accustomed to only hiring from Ivy League schools and focusing on academic accomplishments. Though there are definitely amazing candidates who come out of those schools, we do not believe that academic pursuits and school prestige are what make a profitable trader/investor. EquitySim provides a platform that allows users to learn and practice, but also showcase their ideas and strategies to some of these firms. This is your chance to get noticed by firms who traditionally would not have looked at your paper resume.
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While not all employers share our vision, we have worked hard to curate relationships with the employers who know it is not about who you know, but how you can execute. We are working with several top recruiting firms to give you exposure to over 300 funds in New York, Boston, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shen Zhen, and Singapore.

Our Culture

EquitySim is the world’s leading professionally focused simulator. Our users put a lot of work into their EquitySim accounts and take the platform seriously. We reward these efforts by partnering with real investment firms who screen through profiles looking to provide opportunities. We want to find the best, and help users become the best. We believe that our system will eventually produce better candidates than Harvard, Wharton and Stanford. EquitySim is carefully curating the right professional community of users. Our employer partners are looking for candidates who take the platform seriously, so we carefully monitor our users to make sure all strategies are realistic and are suitable for employer viewing. We reserve the right to remove users who do not take the simulator seriously. We understand that some of our users may be beginners are trying to learn – you are definitely welcome. You can enter practice mode, and we will let you know when you are ready to be showcased to employers. We are looking for users who are smart, ambitious, and hard working. Reach out to us and we will provide you with tips on how you can increase your capabilities.

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Software Capabilities:

  • Buy and sell stocks with $50,000,000 virtual currencies
  • Attach Investment thesis and files to each trade
  • History function tracks your investment philosophy alongside your nominal returns
  • Utilize powerful data tools to monitor your portfolio
  • Create an online profile that allows recruiters and investors to contact you directly
  • Social network allows you to connect with colleagues, friends, and esteemed investors
  • Direct newsfeed to keep track of your connection’s portfolio activities