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Meet The Ultimate Simulator For The Classroom

Students manage a virtual portfolio to experiment
and learn in a realistic environment.

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“EquitySim has been a great tool for my classroom. My students find the platform engaging and learn from the hands-on application. EquitySim does a good job of automating a healthy portion of the grading work. I am on my second semester using the platform, and would recommend it to other Professors.”

Professor Scott Kolman

San Diego State University

Used by Innovative Professors across 220+ Schools Worldwide:

Interact With All Markets Instantly With Ease.

Instant Market Data Feeds

  • Access US, Canada UK Hong Kong, Europe, Australian and South American markets.
  • Trade equities, debt, futures, options, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

Simple And Intuitive

  • Takes less than 3 minutes to set up & compatible with Microsoft Excel.
  • Spend more time learning & applying concepts and less figuring out the dashboard.

Document the thought process behind trades.

Share Your Rationale

  • Users are encouraged to input their reasoning behind their trades.
  • Journal function allows users to reflect on trades they have made or missed out on.

Dashboard gives you a full view of how your students are performing

Manage Your Class With Ease

  • Seamlessly manage student assignments & discussion.
  • Click on any of your students and see their activity - you can leave comments and notes to the student.

Grading is tedious. Let us do it for you.

Automated Grading

  • Set grading criteria, we track all metrics for you.
  • Export student performance at semester end for easy grading.

Instructors, Get Your Complimentary Account Here