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Identifying Hidden Talent Around The World

Find out how we use data science to solve the talent search
problem all firms are facing.

Find Top Talent Using EquitySim.

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“Not only did EquitySim provide us with bright individuals for our firm, they were able to identify solid candidates that fit our teams culture.”

Morgan Stanley - Head of Human Resources

We’ve Placed 300+ Students Across The Following Firms And More.

We use 100,000’s of points of simulation data and
advanced data science to evaluate students for employers.

We provide employers with:

The Top 1%

  • Best performers
  • Fastest learners
  • Work ethic

Diverse Candidates

  • Students from all fields of study
  • Students from all types of schools
  • Students from all ethnic backgrounds


  • Lower turnover
  • Higher firm loyalty
  • Best fit for firm culture

“EquitySim helped us find passionate individuals amongst a unique spectrum of backgrounds we wouldn’t have been able to source by traditional means.”

Regional Lead Diversity & Inclusion, HSBC

Student Breakdown

The “Good” Candidates (Top 10%) - are found where you’d expect

BUT, the best candidates (Top 1%) are in the least searched places

Find Top Talent Using EquitySim.

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